Kruse Reef


Many of you with young children have probably noticed our reef tank at Kruse Orthodontics. The kids are usually drawn to it immediately. Have you ever noticed that a lot of dental offices have fish tanks in their reception room. Believe it or not, our tank is more than just beautiful, it also has therapeutic benefits. Various studies have found that the mesmerizing effects of watching fish and corals can reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and help to alleviate hyperactivity.

At Kruse Orthodontics, we have a salt water reef tank full of live corals and a variety of fish, some of them not commonly seen in aquariums.  We have a mated pair of clown fish, a yellow tang, a cleaner shrimp (all of “Finding Nemo” fame), green chromis, a chalice coral, and a green anemone just to name a few of the inhabitants.  Just in case you were unaware, all the corals are alive and are not plants.  They are actually animals because they do not make their own food.  If you are interested in finding out more about our tank please inquire at the front desk. There is a paper available that lists the fish in the tank and a little about each fish.  You can also look up aquarium inhabitants on the internet for even more information.

Our tank is cared for by a former patient of Dr. Kruse.  This young man comes in every week to do a water change and monitor the health of the ecosystem.  If necessary, he adjusts the chemistry of the water to maintain the health of all the inhabitants.

So, the next time you are here, please take some time and let yourself enjoy the little bit of the ocean we call Kruse Reef.